$ 1.8 billion in mobile games, Fire Emblem Heroes unstoppable

After the not-so-exciting debut dating back to 2016 with Miitomo, Nintendo’s takeover in the world of the mobile market has earned the Kyoto house a total of $ 1,797,000,000 to date, according to the latest research conducted by Sensor Tower analysts.

This total has been accumulated thanks to games such as Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Mario Kart Tour, Dragalia Lost, Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World. Of these, by far the biggest hit was Fire Emblem Heroes, which alone brought nearly a billion dollars into the big N’s coffers. Other titles in Nintendo’s mobile lineup have generated slow but steady earnings, with the exception of Dr. Mario World, which appears to be another project that struggles to find its audience, or that doesn’t push customers to make in-game purchases.

As you can see through the graph that we have reported below, although Fire Emblem Heroes has an installation base of 18 million worldwide (a lower figure than other Nintendo productions), it still manages to wipe out the other games in terms of receipts generated. Super Mario Run tops the charts for the most downloads, but its revenue ($ 87 million) is nowhere near the much higher revenue of Fire Emblem Heroes. The role-playing game originally launched in 2017 surprises for the consistency of its revenues from year to year, while Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour have benefited from a great boost in conjunction with the arrival of the pandemic.

To discover the secrets of the game’s success, we refer you to our Fire Emble Heroes review. The title available for iOS and Android also offers a subscription service with which you can get in-game rewards and benefits.