100 million dollars of free FPS funding is coming

Thanks to the new $ 100 million loan obtained from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Insight Partners and Anthos Capital, the top management of 1047 Games promise to further strengthen the launch offer and support of Splitgate, the now famous free shooter that merges Portal and Halo.

The CEO of 1047 Games, Ian Proulx, does not hide his enthusiasm in announcing this new partnership on social networks, especially in view of the great prospects open in the development of further content for the free-to-play FPS that is currently available in its Season 0.

According to the CEO of the independent software house, thanks to the 100 million dollars received from the company’s new investors it will be possible to “hire many more developers, thanks to which we will be able to implement better and more frequent updates, add other features following the instructions of the community and correct bugs faster “. But not only.

In the list of interventions promised by the boss of 1047 Games there is also the “support for a much greater number of players and the possibility of landing on more platforms. EVERYTHING is now on the table, our production and creative skills have become 10 times bigger. ! “.

How will Splitgate’s sci-fi universe evolve on PC, PlayStation and Xbox thanks to this huge cash injection? While waiting to find out, we refer you to our special on Splitgate gameplay between Halo and Portal.