20% discount on subscriptions

Twitch’s Subtember returns this year, an event powered by Grubhub with a number of new offerings to help the community support their favorite authors on the streaming platform.

Until September 30, 2021, all users will be able to save 20% on new monthly subscriptions and 20% on all gift subscriptions. This year there is no limit to the number of channels you can subscribe to with this offer, so if you want you can also support the Everyeye Twitch channel by subscribing to 3.19 euros per month instead of 3.99 euros. In addition to helping us produce the content you can watch daily every day of the week, you will also unlock ad-free viewing, exclusive access to exclusive Discord and Telegram channels, subscriber badges and a range of custom emoticons, such as the Pit in position. from “Here we are”, Marco Mottura demoniaco, Cyber ​​Todd, Alessandro Bruni with the hat of Yoda, Giuseppe Arace about to transform into Super Saiyan and the mythical bomb.

We remind you that it is always possible to subscribe to Everyeye’s Twitch channel even for free, as long as you are subscribed to Prime Gaming (included in Amazon Prime): all you have to do is click on the Subscribe button on the Everyeye Twitch channel home page and select the item “Sign up at no additional cost”. Between