20vs20 in a race against time

At the first light of this morning, Season 4 Reloaded in Call of Duty has finally started: we have already talked about the innovations introduced in Black Ops Cold War, here we will focus on the additions that have concerned the free-to-play experience of Warzone.

The mid-season update has the merit of adding the first objective mode in its history, Load, to Warzone. Inspired by other classic Call of Duty modes (such as Call of Duty WWII War), Carico pits two teams of 20 players against each other in a race against time to gather important information. If the attack team manages to escort the vehicle along all the checkpoints within the time limit, they win the game. The defending team can not only hit the attackers on the vehicle to slow them down, but can also buy and build obstacles to block the vehicle. Operators can use their own custom equipment.

A new Killing Series also arrives in Warzone, the Robot Turret: As in Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, the Robot Turret scans an area of ​​almost 180 degrees of its own source to locate and annihilate enemies. It remains in action for a minute before collapsing with a non-lethal explosion.

The Season 4 update – known as Patch 1.39 – kicked off the Bluprint Blitz event: players are required to complete two regular Contracts to generate the new Contraband Contract, which rewards with a permanent weapon Blueprint and a cargo. of money. In Verdansk they can also stumble upon the Red Doors, which transport them to unknown and mysterious places. These additions are also joined by numerous bug fixes, interface improvements and balances to the numerous weapons from the two premium chapters. Black Ops Cold War’s AK-47 and Modern Warfare’s Bravo Assault Rifle, for example, saw the multiplier for head and torso shots decrease, while the FFAR 1 now deals less damage (minimums are passed from 25 to 23, the maximum from 27 to 25). You can find out more details by consulting the official changelog. Meanwhile, the hunt for Call of Duty Warzone cheaters continues.