2K unveils the mobile spin-off, here are the first details on the gameplay

With the soft launch on Google Play of the preview version of XCOM Legends, the representatives of 2K confirm the rumors about the imminent publication of the spin-off for mobile systems of the iconic strategic series of Firaxis.

Taking care of the development of this project is Iridium Starfish, a Californian subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. The title borrows the management and strategic experience of the primeval blockbuster of XCOM to bring it into an arcade dimension, devoted to immediacy but still with its own depth, as explained by the authors of Iridium Starfish.

Regarding Take-Two’s willingness to expand its business to embrace the oceanic crowd of gamers on iOS and Android, a 2K spokesperson told Eurogamer.net that “we are constantly exploring new experiences to offer our fans. games of value and the best possible entertainment “.

On the purely content front, Legends reworks the classic formula of XCOM to propose a turn-based arcade gameplay divided between a main campaign and multiplayer PvP challenges: the campaign involves the defense of sectors invaded by increasing waves of aliens, while the PvP arenas aim to return a more competitive experience.

To stay on the subject, we remind you that based on the latest rumors leaked by journalist Jason Schreier, the guys from Firaxis Games are currently working on an XCOM-style strategy on Marvel heroes.