30fps is a starting point, not a target

When last week Pierre-Loup Griffais, developer who has become the public face of the new console from Valve, spoke of an 800p / 30fps target for Steam Deck, it made many PC players worry, who have always been used to exceeding that performance threshold by acting on settings.

Griffais was particularly referring to the most recent and most resource-hungry productions, which Valve had finally managed to run at an “acceptable” framerate of 30fps after a long series of tests on the hardware of the handheld device. Many users have not been able to hide their dissatisfaction with a framerate target deemed too low, apparently not future proof.

A few hours ago the clarifications from Griffais himself arrived, who explained that 30fps, rather than a target, are a starting point, completely reversing the situation. Through his personal Twitter profile he explained: “The” 30fps target “refers to the starting point for what we considered playable in our performance tests; the games we have tried so far have consistently achieved and exceeded that. limit”. Gamers will also be able to adapt their experiences as they see fit through an integrated and optional FPS limiter, which will also prove useful for optimizing battery life: theoretically, the lower the framerate, the greater the autonomy.

Steam Deck will be sold in three different models of increasing price which will differ in the capacity and speed of the equipped storage memory.