343 announces upcoming content

Shortly after the conclusion of the first phase of the technical Beta of Halo: Infinite, the team of 343 Industries is already ready to look at the next steps that will mark the path towards the launch of the title.

In the course of a new video update on the status of the work, available directly at the opening of this news, the Microsoft authors have in particular confirmed their intention to organize further tests for Halo: Infinite. The next flight session, in particular, will involve a greater number of enthusiasts, for a Beta with a greater range than the one just ended.

On the content front, the next test of Halo: Infinite will include all the modes part of this first flight, to which, however, additional options will be added. Among these, the 4v4 PvP-style clashes will find space, but not only: 343 Industries has in fact also promised the return of the Big Team Battle mode. At the moment, the Microsoft team has not yet confirmed what will be the period of development of the second technical Beta of Halo: Infinite.

An interesting detail, the intention to organize further tests also in the post launch support phase was confirmed. Each time, before inserting new features or new options in the title, 343 Industries will therefore organize special dedicated flights. We can also expect similar treatment for the co-op and Forge modes of Halo: Infinite, which will debut after Day One.