343 Industries provides important details on upcoming Beta tests

343 Industries has released the new monthly update of Inside Infinite, focused on the awaited Halo Infinite and relative to July 2021. In the new, full-bodied post the developers focus on what players can expect from the Beta test of the new chapter of the series, whose start should be imminent.

First of all, 343i reiterates the importance of subscribing to the Halo Insider program in order to have a chance to receive invitations for the Beta. Obviously, the invitation to anyone who signs up for the program is not guaranteed, at least for the initial stages of the tests, since the developers intend to move calmly and carefully in order to test the functionality of the game in the best possible way. In this regard, the tests are considered a sort of technical preview aimed at testing all the online and gameplay features and thus evaluating their effectiveness.

343i also wants to receive player feedback on all core game content such as gameplay, maps, game modes, user interface and Battle Pass. Not all feedback received will necessarily be taken into consideration, but the developers ensure that they will be transparent about what they will consider and what will be put aside.

The initial tests will allow players to play the Bot Slayer Mode using a fairly large paraphernalia and fighting on three different maps: Bazaar, Recharge and Live Fire. In this way, the efficiency of the bots on the battlefield will also be tested, with the possibility of setting the difficulty level between Recruit, Marine, ODST and Spartan: the different difficulty levels will only concern the artificial intelligence of the bot and will not affect weapon effectiveness, maximum health and other characteristics.

343 Industries does not yet reveal when the tests will start: it is no coincidence, in fact, that the invitations for the Beta of Halo Infinite have not yet started, but it now seems a matter of little time. Meanwhile, the co-creator of Halo said he was restless and confident about the return of the Master Chief.