343 publishes fantastic artwork on very high resolution characters

Just over a month to go before Halo Infinite debuts on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, and with each new presentation, the title signed by 343 Industries convinces more and more. Just see Craig the Brute’s new look in Halo Infinite to see how much progress the game has made over the past year.

Through the Halo Waypoint portal, the developers offer us an even more concrete taste of the polygonal models of all the main enemies that Master Chief will face in his next, highly anticipated adventure. Not only Craig, but also several other antagonists, such as the Elite, the Grunts, the Jackals and Spartan’s fearsome assassin Jega ‘Rdomnai boast remarkable attention to detail in their bodies and armor. Similar speech also for the UNSC marines and the Pilot who accompanies the protagonist in battle, also glimpsed again in the latest gameplay video of the Halo Infinite campaign.

Not just characters: the images released by 343i also show in detail the evocative scenarios of Zeta Halo and a part of the game map, as well as all the meticulous details of the weapons and icons within the game. So do not miss the long sequence of images made available to the authors, which once again underline all the technical advances made by Halo Infinite compared to the previews of 2020. Since then, Master Chief has come a long way.