343i has big problems developing coop and the Forge?

As you know by now, Halo Infinite will have no co-op and the Forge at launch. Although the developers have not clarified what are the reasons for the postponement of these two features, it may have been an anonymous post that appeared a few days ago on Reddit to reveal it.

The very long message was posted by a user who did not want to reveal his identity and who claims to be one of the developers of the Microsoft shooter. In the post we go into much detail of the development issues, which would mainly concern the campaign and the change of some elements of the team with a completely different vision (remember that the team structure has changed following the much talked about postponement of the game). These internal changes have caused quite a few problems for the rest of the study, as the changes made following the game do not fit both the structure of the map and the rest of the mechanics created previously. In the beginning the game is defined as a shooter inspired by Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and Just Cause, with a large map full of structures that the player could freely clean up from enemies. With the change of director, however, the developers had to modify this game structure and make sure that there were more optional mini-events around the map without there being, however, the obligation to complete them all to continue. Regardless, however, it would appear that the company is satisfied with the campaign.

To give some headaches would be mainly the coop due to the respawn system, which turns out to be particularly complex to manage in an open world in which four players can move freely. It would appear that the 343i considered several options and ultimately decided to opt for the classic formula of the series, which however is difficult to implement due to the numerous bugs. The same seems to be true for the Forge, which is particularly ambitious but also not without its problems. According to the alleged developer, the team was well aware that it would not finish the work on this mode within the set time and also feared that its possible availability at launch could spoil the surprise for the players due to the presence within it of all the enemies of the countryside.

The post also talks about a request to postpone the entire game to Microsoft’s upper floors, which, however, was decisively rejected. In any case, it does not appear that the team is suffering particularly from the crunch, which is there but would not be at the levels of Cyberpunk 2077.

Before saying goodbye, we invite you to consider that there is no way to verify that the source is reliable, although the precision with which some elements are described is undoubtedly sobering.