5 games for less than 10 euros

Nintendo has launched a new round of discounts on its eShop, always full of savings opportunities. In these days we have already offered you a series of products at a highly discounted price and suitable for any pocket, such as games for less than two euros and games for less than five euros, today instead we raise the budget a little to focus on five unmissable titles that can be purchased for less than ten euros! As usual, we invite you to participate in the discussion in the comments section: you are free to ask us for clarification on discounted games or to share your shopping tips.

Velocity 2X (€ 4.99)

Velocity 2X is a frenetic action in which the alertness and speed of execution represent the key to success. The main strength of the production of FutureLab and Curve Digital lies in the perfect amalgamation between two different genres: at the 2D platform / shooter levels starring Lieutenant Kai Tana, a former test pilot, they counterbalance the scrolling shooter sections. aboard the Quarp Jet, a spaceship capable of teleporting and shooting at 360 °.

Difficult to get bored in the course of over 50 levels of Velocity 2X, which see the protagonist run madly, annihilating the enemies and taking advantage of acceleration platforms, remote bounce and cybernetic shots, and then dash aboard the spaceship to destroy the opposing bases from the outside, all while pumping the hypnotic in the background soundtrack by award-winning video game composer Joris de Man.

Velocity 2X strongly promotes replayability, inviting players to repeat levels and face daily challenges in the hunt for a better score to flaunt in the online leaderboards. Read the Velocity 2X review.

Indivisible (€ 7.49)

Developed by the guys at Lab Zero, already known for Skullgirls, Indivisible is a fully hand-drawn action platform / RPG set in a huge fantasy world. The story tells of Ajna, a fearless girl with a rebellious character who embarks on a journey to save her land, outlined by drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of numerous cultures and mythologies.

In the course of her journey, Anja will encounter dozens of “Incarnations”, that is, individuals with different histories and abilities who can be absorbed and summoned during the confrontations. The combat system, which mixes a classic turn-based system with the depth of a fighting game, from time to time gives way to platforming sequences: the protagonist can jump and climb, while the new skills she will learn during the adventure will open up new paths, just like in a metroidvania. Learn more by reading our Indivisible review.

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (7.49 euros)

A sequel to Yooka-Laylee, a classic three-dimensional open world platformer, The Impossible Lair it departs deeply from the first episode by offering both 2.5D levels and a 3D game area called Overseas. In this new adventure, the couple of heroes are called to thwart yet another plan of the evil Capital B, this time intending to use the device called “Collective Mind” to enslave an entire kingdom of bees.

The Oltremondo is not only a place from which to access the levels, but also a game experience in its own right, full of environmental puzzles to solve and secrets to discover. Using the buttons inside, it is also possible to deeply alter the state of the other worlds of The Impossible Liar, in order to keep the challenge always fresh and challenging. The classic 2.5D levels, which on balance represent the main scope of production, they are well thought out and heavily indebted to the lesson given by Donkey Kong Country. Read the review by Yooka-Laylee an the Impossible Lair to discover all the merits of this colorful production.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (€ 7.49)

Directed by Josef Fares long before A Way Out and It Takes Two, when Hazelight Studios didn’t exist yet, Brothers: Tale of Two Sons it is a small independent jewel that never goes out of style and that we still feel we can recommend today.

To support the original control system, which allows you to control the two brothers at the same time with the help of the two analog sticks, there is a delicate and poignant story, which tells of the journey of the protagonists in a desperate search for a cure for their dying father. Even short – longevity settles down around 3-4 hours – the epic of the two boys is able to touch even the emotional chords of the toughest gamers.

The pace is interspersed with a series of intriguing environmental puzzles which exploit the peculiar control system, which provides for the separate and / or synchronous management of the movements of the two brothers, while the technical sector, despite the weight of the years, paints enchanting fantasy settings. More information can be found in the review of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for Switch.

Trine: Ultimate Collection (9.99 euros)

Trine: Ultimate Collection it is the most expensive title of this review, but on closer inspection it is also the most convenient one, since it offers in one fell swoop all four chapters of the Trine series, which narrate the magician’s travels Amadeus, of the knight Pontius and the thief Zoya through an abandoned and ruined kingdom.

Linked to the power of a mysterious object, the Trine, the three heroes traverse levels in 2.5D solving intriguing environmental puzzles heavily based on physics thanks to the combination of their distinctive abilities. Amadeus can create crates that act as counterweights or platforms to reach high positions, while Zoya shoots arrows to activate remote mechanisms and uses a grappling hook to cross overhangs. Pontius slashes enemies easily, while his shield can also reflect light. Thanks to these game mechanics, the Trine they also strongly promote cooperative play.

Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince, the most recent chapter of the lot, straightens the series after the half misstep of the third episode, returning to the origins and offering a fulfilling and true to the origins experience. Read the Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince review.