60 million games downloaded with Play At Home, will the offer return in 2022?

During a recent interview with GamesIndustry microphones, Jim Ryan talked about the popular PlayStation initiative called Play At Home, which in the first half of 2021 (and in the same period of the previous year) allowed all players to download a large amount of games for free.

Here are the words of Jim Ryan:

“We were sad that everyone was suffering from the first quarantine in 2020, so we thought that such an initiative would please. We had the opportunity to do it and were pleased with the reaction of the players. Then came the Christmas period and the new lockdown. So we decided to repeat the whole thing. And so we re-launched some free games, but this time they were distributed over a longer period of time and more than 60 million games were redeemed thanks to the initiative. “

During the interview, the CEO of PlayStation also confirmed that Play At Home could return next year and it is not to be excluded that Sony is intent on doing things big. We remind you that a few months ago Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition was given to all users, which was redeemable for about a month by any player without any kind of limitation.

Also in the same interview, JimRyan stated that PS5 has the best game lineup in Sony history.