a dubious rumor speaks of classes, housing and launch windows

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is certainly one of the most anticipated titles by fans when it comes to Capcom and over the last few months there has been a lot of talk about its development in a series of rumors. Speaking of rumors, an alleged insider may have revealed several details on the gameplay of the Capcom game.

The information, which should be received with due caution since it comes from a complete stranger on 4chan, speaks of various aspects of the game and in some cases even goes into specifics. According to the user’s post, the game will include a total of twelve basic and hybrid classes and will propose a series of changes to those seen in the previous chapter. It would seem that everyone has to start with a predefined class, the explorer, and then move on to the others, among which we find the Gladiator (the old warrior), the Mystic Warrior, the Spy, the Priest, the Executioner and the Beast.

As for the game structure, the insider claims that there is a sort of hub represented by the ruins, within which the player can not only find refuge and manage the party but also give himself to housing by placing objects collected in mission and little else. There are also locations around the map where you can camp, but it is also possible to use fast travel: in these cases everything will not always go for the best and during the path automatically carried out there could be losses of resources caused by the encounter of enemies . Speaking of opposing creatures, these will randomly appear around the map according to some criteria involving the time of day and weather conditions. The post also mentions a particular game mechanic linked to a mask worn by the protagonist which, once removed, attracts the attention of centaurs and caryatids, stone creatures larger than even the cyclops of the first Dragon’s Dogma and which can be damaged. activating a temporary buff that is obtained by sacrificing tokens.

The last part of the post concerns the launch window, which should be set at the end of 2023 with a small possibility of slipping to the first months of 2024. From the words of the insider it emerges that Capcom is very satisfied with how the work is progressing, but at the same time be scared by the recent Cyberpunk 2077 case.

While waiting for the Kyoto company to confirm all the details of the rumor, we remind you that Dragon’s Dogma 2 could use the RE Engine, the engine that drives the remakes of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Village itself.