a fan art summarizes the E3 2021 of Xbox and Bethesda

After making the definitive poster of the PS4 exclusives, content creator Kunal Chopra summarized the emotions and surprises that accompanied the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase E3 2021 in stunning fan art.

The evocative collage by Chopra takes up the most important and representative announcements of the very rich event organized by Microsoft to outline the near future of green-crossed platforms and confirm its commitment to strengthen the Xbox Game Pass offer.

The digital artist’s project is divided into two parts: in the lower one we can admire the announcement artwork of the new action horror of the Arkane RedFall studios, but it is in the upper section that the bulk of the work done by Chopra is concentrated.

Against the backdrop of Starfield’s explorable galaxy, the upper part of the fan art immortalizes the astronauts of Bethesda’s sci-fi blockbuster in the company of a Back 4 Blood warrior, the unmistakable Master Chief of Halo Infinite and the protagonist of STALKER 2. Hades on Game Pass, Forza Horizon 5, Atomic Heart, Psychonauts 2, The Outer Worlds 2 and all the other titles shown in the Californian event are missing, but it would have been really impossible to summarize in a single image the entire event and all the its ads.

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