a fan creates a working version of Tetris with redstone dust!

Minecraft’s amazing sandbox freedom is second only to fan creativity, as mattbatwings2 confirms. The redditor used the redstone dust to create a virtual console with which to play Tetris, all without the aid of mods or using other kinds of tricks.

The visitor to the popular Reddit forum showed on video the final results of his incredible reinterpretation of Tetris. The redditor has exploited the circuits recreated with redstone dust to send and receive data with which to manipulate the blocks of Minecraft in real time and give the user the illusion of admiring the screen of a portable console that runs, in fact, a level of the iconic 80s video game created by the never too celebrated Aleksej Leonidovič Pažitnov.

The author of this project invites all interested parties to try the goodness of his work by downloading the customized map of the blockbuster sandbox of Mojang on the pages of the PlanetMinecraft mod portal for free. If you love this kind of fan made projects, we suggest you also take a look at the 4K video of the latest, exceptional work done by those who are recreating Minecraft in LEGO style with Ray Tracing graphics.