a fan recreates it with first person views

The original Resident Evil is a timeless classic of the gaming world. Over time it has been revived several times, both officially by Capcom through remakes and conversions, and by fans who have made mods and amateur versions aimed at giving a new interpretation to the iconic survival horror.

An enthusiast has even gone so far as to create a mod that allows you to play the founder of 1996 through first-person views, therefore in the style of the most recent episodes of the series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village. What is striking is not only the excellent fluidity of the action and movements of the characters, but also the care placed in the graphics sector that appears very faithful to the CG backgrounds of the original title for the first PlayStation. It is not clear where the work of this particular reinterpretation is, nor when and if it will actually be made available to players, but the work done so far is undoubtedly interesting, arousing a lot of enthusiasm even among users of the ResetEra forum.

Would you like to play the first Resident Evil entirely in first person? Returning to the present, Capcom is working on a Resident Evil Village DLC, for now still shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, in recent months Resident Evil Re: Verse has been postponed to 2022.