a horse bug is giving rise to insane situations

Apparently the latest update of Red Dead Online introduced a really bizarre bug that duplicates horses around the map and makes them behave out of the ordinary.

Some players have carried out investigations in the multiplayer sector of the Rockstar Games title and may have discovered the cause of the problem: it would seem that one of the stables can clone the horses, which do not leave the lobby when the player exits the game. In some cases we see the appearance of a second animal that roams the map, in other cases users have come across flying horses, ghost horses or, even worse, furious horses that cross the player along the road and do so following a disastrous fall.

While we await an official response from the development team, which has not posted any comments on the issue and could soon fix the problem, we leave you with a series of images and videos that show some of the funniest situations related to the bug .

We remind you that the Red Dead Online Blood Money update has introduced DLSS in the PC version as well as a series of extra content also available on other platforms. Have you already taken a look at the waterwheel that makes Red Dead Online players fly?