a Killjoy cosplay embodied by the gorgeous Larissa Rochefort

Riot Games has made a name for itself over the years especially for League of Legends and all related products. Although the MOBA still makes up a large portion of the studio today, in recent years we have also seen another production that goes beyond the brand born in 2009, namely the free Valorant shooter.

Valorant saw the light in 2020 after being announced the year before with Project A and is the first Riot Games brand not to be intertwined with League of Legends. After Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra we have therefore met characters belonging to a completely different world that continues to update itself. Even a year or more after its release, Valorant has released patch 3.06 with its changes and updates.

This world revolves around agents, or playable characters. These are divided into various roles and gradually incorporated by Riot Games into the game mechanics. In patch 1.05 Valorant introduced the sentilla Killjoy, a young and brilliant German capable of moving around the field and annihilating enemies thanks to her inventions. The cosplayer Larissa Rochefort has decided to interpret her: here is her cosplay of Killjoy from Valorant with all the fruits of her work.

The latest agent added to Valorant is Kay / O, with whom the game continues to expand its roster.