a leak anticipates the arrival of the skins of Morty and Will Smith

As you have already noticed, this morning the Fortnite Chapter 2 update 17.40 was published, whose files have been carefully analyzed by the data miner to find out what will be the next collaborations between Epic Games and other important brands.

The research in question paid off and during the evening two important collaborations were identified among the files of the latest update, one of which is not so unexpected. In Fortnite Chapter 2, a skin dedicated to Mortimer Smith is about to arrive, the funny protagonist of Rick & Morty who in his videogame version is inside a mech and will be equipped with an exclusive emote. The other character is Will Smith, the famous actor who should arrive shortly in the objects shop complete with a decorative back.

Before leaving you to the images and videos of the characters in question, we remind you that there are also other collaborations to come, among which we find the skin of Tyler Rake in Fortnite. If that’s not enough, on our pages you can also find out how to unlock the Wonder Woman skin for free in Fortnite thanks to another collaboration with DC Comics, which has already allowed Batman, Superman and other superheroes to land in the battle royale.