a live service inspired by Fortnite and GTA V, according to Schreier

Over the last few hours, a new report by the always well-informed Jason Schreier has appeared on Bloomberg, who talked about the future of Assassin’s Creed, in which a project called Infinity and currently under development would be expected.

According to the words of the videogame journalist, the project – described as a sort of hub – aims to go well beyond the expectations of the fans and propose a series of different settings through a different approach than that of the previous episodes, whose setting was unique. It is very likely that over time more and more explorable areas will be introduced, since Ubisoft plans to create a title with continuous support that can stay alive thanks to updates just like Fortnite Chapter 2 and GTA Online, which after years from release they continue to be supported and played.

To ensure a constant flow of content, the French company would have decided to entrust the product to two different development studios: Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Quebec, which usually alternate in the development of the chapters of the brand. According to Schreier, there would be a strong rivalry between the two internal teams, which each have their own game director although the franchise has been entrusted to Ubisoft Quebec. This ‘merger’, which took place last April, may therefore not be the easiest and many of the developers will not like collaborating with what they consider rivals in the work.

The report does not mention the reference platforms and the year of release, but on Twitter Schreier talks about a long-term project whose arrival is expected not before 2024. It would also seem that this is an unconventional chapter of the series which will have a role similar to a sort of hub through which to play all the chapters of Assassin’s Creed, both the major and the smaller ones.