a new announcement coming this week?

That just started is an important week for Rockstar Games, on November 11 the company will publish Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition but it is not excluded that there may also be other announcements in the program.

According to what is reported in the last episode of the Rockstar Mag podcast (minute 31:42 of the video you find at the opening) this week there will probably be news related to Rockstar Games.

“I think something interesting will come this week” reports a source from Rockstar Mag, an insider who has been reporting news, rumors and leaks on Rockstar Games for at least fifteen years. However, it is difficult to say what it can refer to, probably to the launch of GTA Trilogy but it is not certain that there can be nothing else in the pipeline since the source was purposely very vague and very unclear.

Who knows if Rockstar doesn’t really want to take advantage of the hype of the launch of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy to unveil some new project dedicated to GTA, or maybe to show in action GTA San Andreas VR announced last week during the Facebook and Oculus event.

It is difficult to expect something more full-bodied (yes we know, you are thinking about the announcement of GTA 6) but over the years Rockstar has proved to be unpredictable in terms of communication, however we must specify that the announcement or the novelty in question may not concern necessarily Grand Theft Auto but also other IPs of the company such as Bully or Red Dead Redemption.