a new game from the director of The Evil Within 2

While we continue to await the launch of Ghostwire Tokyo, an intriguing Bethesda production destined to arrive at the beginning of 2021 on PC and in an exclusive PS5 console time, from the Tokyo Game Show 2021 details on the future of Tango Gameworks come.

The founder of the Japanese development studio, Shinji Mikami, had the opportunity to chat with Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, as part of a livestream organized by Microsoft for the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Mikami took advantage of the media showcase to confirm that, although Ghostwire Tokyo has not yet arrived on the market, Tango Gameworks has already started working on a new game. Leading the project is John Johanas, former Game Director of The Evil Within 2.

The legendary Mikami mentioned Johanas while talking about the importance of cultivating new talent for Tango Gameworks. At the moment, the creator of The Evil Within 2 “is working energetically on the new game”. Unfortunately, Mikami has not revealed further information on the project in development, which is probably aimed at the Xbox home platforms.

Being part of Bethesda and ZeniMax, Tango Gameworks is in effect a Microsoft Studios now: Ghostwire Tokyo will arrive first on PS5 to respect the agreements made before the acquisition, exactly as happened for Deathloop. The future, however, could be completely tinged with green.

Have you seen the recent Ghostwire Tokyo trailer shown at PlayStation Showcase?