a new gift on the Epic Games Store

Starting at 5:00 pm today (Thursday 9 September) and until the same time as September 16, you can download a new free game on the Epic Games Store that replaces this week’s gift, the fun Yoku’s Island Express.

The new game as a gift is Sheltered, described by its authors as “a survival management game with a deep and emotional story. You will have the task of protecting the 4 members of a family who, after a global apocalypse, have found an abandoned underground refuge. . “

A game not for everyone but that will surely conquer lovers of the genre and fans of post-apocalyptic stories and settings. Sheltered is free on the Epic Games Store, as usual once redeemed the product will be yours forever and you can use it without limitations of any kind, as if it had actually been purchased from the store.

Until 16:59 today instead you can download for free Yoku’s Island Express, a mix between a platform and a pinball game, not a brand new idea (do you remember Sonic Spinball for Mega Drive?) But implemented in a fresh and original way, these are the adjectives that best describe Yoku’s Island Express, a mid-budget independent production acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. In the afternoon we will also discover the next free game on EGS starting in mid-September.