a new look at Cygames’ photorealistic JRPG

Remember Project Awakening? It is a JRPG with extremely realistic graphics and announced in 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4. After having stayed away from the scenes for many months, the project returned to show itself during a Cygames Tech Conference dedicated to the Cyllista Game Engine .

The presentation was completely focused on the technical aspects of the graphics engine, so a certain aura of mystery continues to persist around this ambitious open world JRPG. On the other hand, while showcasing the capabilities of the Cyllista Game Engine, the attached video at the top of this news also gives us a glimpse into the beautiful world shaped by the Japanese developers of Cygames. From the presentation it emerged that the graphics engine has been optimized to offer high quality both short and long distance, and that the terrain is composed of multiple layers, some painted manually, others the result of procedural generation. The vegetation positioning system is also procedural, and has been designed to offer efficient and consistent foliage placement.

For now we have to settle for this: the video does not show the gameplay, therefore we have not been able to test the combat system, the game mechanics and the interface. The many years that have passed since the announcement are also generating several doubts regarding the target platform: according to some, it may no longer be a PS4 exclusive. We await official information.