a new statue of Master Chief is coming with a lot of energy blade

Although Halo Infinite has not yet hit store shelves around the world, Dark Horse and 343 Industries have just announced the arrival of a second statue dedicated to the Master Chief.

The statue in question sees the Spartan positioned on a base inspired by the Zeta Halo while holding the classic Energy Blade with one hand and with the other intent on using the grappling hook, one of the novelties of the new episode of the series. On the shoulders of the character we find an MA40 assault rifle instead. The object is just over 25 centimeters high and can be purchased in the classic or variant version, which will arrive exclusively at American Best Buyers and will have the peculiarity of the color of the Energy Blade, which in this case will be red.

On the official website, which shows the list of shops from all over the world where the statue can be pre-ordered, there does not seem to be Italy but it is very likely that in our country it will be an exclusive GameStop Zing. like the other statue of the same series. As for price and release date, the product should arrive next January 2022 at a cost of around 60 euros.

Did you know that for Phil Spencer the success of Halo Infinite will not affect the future of the series?