a painting pays homage to the couple

Waiting to find out more details on Naughty Dog’s upcoming projects, the videogame community does not forget the engaging narrative proposed by The Last or Us: Part II.

The many creations made by fans and dedicated to the imagery of the series testify to this. Among the latter, we now also find an interesting artistic production, of which you can view an image directly at the bottom of this news. Active on Reddit as “Little Sadie”, a passionate gamer has in fact created a remarkable painting dedicated to Ellie and Dina, one of the great protagonists of the latest Naughty Dog masterpiece. Made with guache, the painting was particularly appreciated by the Reddit community, who admired the style and technique of realization. What do you think?

At the moment, it is not clear if what is told in The Last of Us: Part II will mark the end of Ellie’s growth path or if Naughty Dog will decide to develop a further sequel. For the moment, Neil Druckmann has limited himself to confirming the existence of a sort of first plot for The Last of Us: Part III, without however expressing himself on the actual intention of the software house to convert it or not into a video game in the near future. In the meantime, there are more and more clues pointing to the existence of a multiplayer production made by Naughty Dog.