a permanent price cut coming? Clues from the PS Store USA

On the American PlayStation Store, Naughty Dog’s masterpiece is offered at a lower price, but without any indication on discounts applied or promotions in place. The hypothesis of the permanent price cut of The Last of Us 2 is already fueling a heated debate on social networks and on the most popular forums.

As reported by fans who are crowding the message boards of online portals and social networks with messages, the Standard edition of The Last of Us Part 2 is sold on the American PlayStation Store for $ 39.99. Similarly, the Digital Deluxe is also affected by this unexpected price change and is offered to US PS4 and PS5 users at $ 49.99.

Unlike the other promotions in progress, Sony’s digital platform does not report any indication on the conclusion of the discount, hence the jumble of comments from the community hoping for the imminent announcement of a “definitive” price cut for TLOU 2. At the moment in which we write, in the different European versions of the PlayStation Store the price indicated for the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions of The Last of Us 2 continues to be respectively 69.99 and 79.99 euros. The British PS Store also reports a price in pounds comparable to that of Italy and the other markets of the Old Continent.

We therefore look forward to receiving comprehensive information from Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment. In the meantime, we remind those who follow us that on our pages you can read the special on the PS5 update of The Last of Us 2 and the 60fps difference.