a Red Door glitch makes you invisible

While the Call of Duty Warzone community is skeptical about the latest wave of bans involving 50,000 users, we are back to talk about the free to play glitches, one of which has been depopulating in recent days.

In fact, it seems that thanks to a series of glitches there are many Call of Duty Warzone players who are taking advantage to become invisible and thus have a clear advantage over their opponents. The system used by the clever ones in question is not very clear, but it seems to be linked to the use of the Red Doors and, according to some, it could even be various problems in the game that allow you to not be seen by your opponents. In addition to the Red Doors glitch, there may in fact be others that can be activated using the Swag mode and custom loadouts and, fortunately, the details on these systems are not public.

At the moment there are no statements on the part of Activision, which could fix some of these problems with a patch over the next few days. Waiting for an official response, we leave you to the video showing the killcam of a user killed by an invisible enemy.

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