a Seraphine cosplay from the Russian Shirogane ready for Christmas

Certainly the Arcane revolution has brought a breath of fresh air to League of Legends. The MOBA of Riot Games’ records is still on the crest of the wave despite the birth in recent years of many free-to-play competitors, but it has decided to renew itself by arriving in other media, and among other things, making the center as confirmed by Netflix

This TV series showcased some characters from the League of Legends universe well, endowing them with a layered story and a strong and charismatic character. It is no coincidence that many cosplayers have been born on Jinx or on Vi, the first two protagonists of Arcane, in recent times. But we must not forget the other characters who populate the Moors created by Riot in the last decade and who still battle in groups of five today.

Seraphine isn’t one of the oldest characters in League of Legends but she still managed to grab some players. The dreamer singer has depopulated a lot among cosplayers who in recent times have often proposed her in various guises. And, since it’s Christmas time, Russian cosplayer Shirogane-sama has decided to launch a version of Seraphine ready for Christmas in this cosplay.

With a red and white dress, this might suggest Riot a new skin for Seraphine.