a third person adventure in development

Reflecting on the future of Compulsion Games together with the editorial staff of Xbox Squad, the PR and Community Developer of the Canadian software house, Naila Hadjas, confirms the rumors of the last few weeks and explains that the team is committed to developing a third-person narrative adventure for PC and Xbox.

The representative of the North American subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios specified that “we always strive to make unique games in off-the-beaten-path territories. For this, with our new title we will not need feedback because it will be a third-person and narrative game, with some well-defined stories to tell. It won’t be like a roguelike where you need to replay it over and over and gather information over the course of matches to make the experience fun. “

Hadjas also reports that the title is in “full development and there will be no Early Access”, as happened in the past with We Happy Few. It is precisely to this last project that the Compulsion Games community manager recalls how “We Happy Few has evolved a lot, at first it had a roguelike structure but then we added a story because people loved that world and its characters. . We decided in the process of making it a title with a narrative that could have a beginning and an end, but this time we already know where we are going. Our next game will tell a story. “

While confirming the narrative vocation of the new project by the authors of We Happy Few and the recourse to the third-person view, Hadjas preferred not to enter into the merits of the indiscretions shared by Klobrille on the exclusive Xbox dark fantasy of Compulsion.