a video compares the graphics between PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5

At 12:00 today the doors of the Elden Ring Network Test have been officially opened, which will allow the lucky selected players to try the game for several hours over the course of the weekend. Taking advantage of the presence of the Beta on multiple platforms, there are those who made a first graphic comparison.

The video was uploaded by the well-known YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits, which allows you to observe all the differences between the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5 versions of the Network Test of the FromSoftware game. According to what emerges from the tests of the content creator, the main difference between the two Sony consoles of the last generation is the resolution: PS4 stops at 1080p with a framerate locked at 30fps, while PS4 Pro reaches 1800p and has a small advantage in terms of fluidity, since it reaches 35fps. Without too many surprises, on PlayStation 5 the situation is very different and, regardless of the graphics mode selected, you get better results than old gen machines. The quality mode has a fixed resolution at 4K but a framerate that is around 45fps, instead the performance mode oscillates between 2160p (4K) and 1620p with the framerate which, albeit with some uncertainty, remains at 60fps.

The comparison video also highlights the differences in graphical terms, since the youtuber points out that the PS5 version not only enjoys a higher level of detail but also a higher density of vegetation. Obviously there is a clear advantage in favor of PS5 also for what concerns the loads, much faster thanks to the SSD.

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