Abandoned and God of War 2 in the lineup, but it is a fake

The highly anticipated new appointment with Sony’s PlayStation Showcase is now just around the corner, and in the meantime the alleged lineup of the event has been spotted online. The same author of the leak, however, later specified that it is only a joke.

To lay out the lineup was Modern Vintage Gamer, developer at Night Dive Studios and collaborator of Limited Run Games as well as YouTuber, who enjoyed imagining the content that Sony has in store for its users.

The program imagined by the content creator included an opening speech by Jim Ryan who would have been the preamble to the reveal of a game with the boss Teruyuki Toriyama, former producer of Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls (and who actually left Japan Studio a few months ago) . Later we would have witnessed the gameplay trailer of Horizon Forbidden West and the subsequent entry into the scene of Yoshinori Kitase, with Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 or Final Fantasy XVI as the likely protagonists.

During the event there would then be space for Gran Turismo 7, a new coloration of the DualSense, an update linked to the PlayStation Plus, and even Abandoned with Konami’s Hasan Karhaman and Takuya Kozuki. Last but not least, it would have been God of War Ragnarok to close the curtain with the first official trailer of the Santa Monica game. Jim Ryan would finally greet viewers with a speech focused on the availability of PlayStation 5 stocks during 2022.

As said at the beginning, this is just a joke, confirmed by a subsequent tweet from Modern Vintage Gamer. We just have to wait for the official start of the PlayStation Showcase, scheduled for Thursday 9 September at 21:00. We invite you to subscribe to the Everyeye Twitch channel to follow the event with us.