Abandoned will be free on PS5 for those who bought the previous Blue Box game

Blue Box never ceases to surprise us and, a few days after the disappointing reveal of the Realtime Experience app on PS5, announces that those who have purchased the previous game of the studio will be able to redeem a completely free copy of Abandoned, the FPS that is so much making fans argue for several months.

In the course of a recent interview with IGN.com microphones, the now well-known Hasan Kahraman confirmed that you will be able to play Abandoned for free, in case you have purchased a copy of The Haunting: Blood Water Curse, which is the previous game by Blue Box Game Studios, whose peculiarity is that it has never been completed, remaining until today in the Early Access phase on Steam. The title is described as: “The Haunting is a first person horror adventure game in which you fight ghosts using a camera and explore the mysteries of The Red Water Woods through a cinematic storytelling.”

The Haunting: Blood Water Curse is just one of the many unfinished projects by Blue Box Game Studios, which since 2015 has strangely presented a series of video games that have never seen the light, or whose development has never really been completed. Following the launch in Early Access, Hasan Kahraman’s studio then entrusted The Haunting to the hands of CREATEQ Interactive, which are explicitly cited as developers and publishers of survival horror on the Steam page. Blue Box has stated that it intends to complete The Haunting, reacquire its publishing rights and distribute it for free. Those who have purchased the incomplete horror game in the past will be ‘refunded’ with a “complete Abandoned bundle”. Monetary compensation was ruled out by Kahraman, as he would see it as a more complex operation to complete.

A decision that could once again arouse amazement around the Abandoned project, whose true entity does not match that of Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill, as specified once again by Blue Box. Meanwhile, we are waiting for the gameplay reveal that will arrive in a few months.