Abandoned’s dad confirms the new game, it will be free and cross-platform

The rumored founder of Blue Box Game Studios, Hasam Kahraman, confirms the recent leak of The Haunting on the PS Store: the new video game of the father of Abandoned will be launched as free to play and can be downloaded for free on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

In the last interview granted by Kahraman to IGN.com, the boss of BB Game Studios did not limit himself to providing the timing of the launch of the gameplay of Abandoned but wanted to clarify the latest rumors about The Haunting to explain that “we launched it in Early Access on Steam a year ago but it was in an Alpha version. In creating that project, we learned that if you are making a single player game with a story you should never resort to the Early Access formula because people don’t understand. People think ‘Hey. , the game is available, let’s buy it and see how it is, but if you launch a narrative singleplayer in Early Access, things will not go well because a similar experience cannot be offered in an incomplete version or with bugs “.

At the time of writing, The Haunting continues to be present on Steam but without the possibility of purchase: the development team indicated by The Haunting’s Steam page, CreateQ, according to Kahraman would be “a group of four designers friends of Blue Box who are dealing with this game as a side project and detached from their main work. It is a game born from the original ideas of Blue Box, but with plot and gameplay reworked by CreateQ “.

According to the father of Abandoned, The Haunting will be re-proposed as a complete experience, and downloadable for free, with Blue Box in the role of publisher: Kahraman’s declared intention is to publish the title as free to play on Steam, on PlayStation Store and on the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles simultaneously with the launch of the first Abandoned gameplay, expected “in a few months”.