According to a fan theory, a Twitter countdown has started

In recent times, we tend to analyze any content published by Hideo Kojima in order to identify possible references to his next project or links to the much talked about Abandoned and recently a new fan theory has emerged on the net.

It all starts with a series of photos taken on the smartphone that the game designer publishes every morning and with which he shares the music he is listening to with his followers. To make users suspicious is a bizarre detail concerning these messages: the time on the smartphone screen. Some have noticed how the minute of the last shots is always the same, instead the hour goes by as if it were a countdown. The first post was made at 9:54, the second at 8:54 and the third at 6:54. With a little imagination, there are those who argue that the ’54’ is nothing more than a reference to the letters S and H, or in Silent Hills.

A much more plausible hypothesis, however, is that Kojima is taking advantage of the absurd situation that is concerning Abandoned on PlayStation 5 and has decided to publish a series of contents on social media with the sole purpose of teasing users and feeding the theories. It is no coincidence that a few days ago Kojima indirectly mentioned Abandoned on social media by publishing the shot of a horror poster. We remind you that the Abandoned teaser has finally been published on the Sony console via an app and the contents within it have disappointed the players as much for the quality as for the quantity.