added microtransactions for XP and resources, players are furious

Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics are backtracking: despite the fact that in the past they had promised that the microtransactions within Marvel’s Avengers would only concern cosmetic elements, now the possibility of purchasing resources and experience points with real money has been introduced.

A move decided by the authors shortly after the arrival of Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox Game Pass: now in the in-game store it is possible to find consumable items for sale in exchange for credits, the latter accumulated only by spending real money. These new tools basically work as “accelerators”, allowing users to receive a greater amount of XP and resources for a certain amount of time, thus significantly affecting the gameplay.

Although microtransactions by their nature are optional, this decision has sparked the ire of the fanbase, which on Reddit has expressed all its disappointment for this unwelcome novelty. Moreover, at E3 2019 on the occasion of the presentation of Marvel’s Avengers the senior community manager Meagan Marie promised the community that “there will be no pay-to-win scenarios or random loot boxes”. In addition, in September 2020 a message appeared on the game’s official website reiterated that “content that can be purchased for real money will only be aesthetic, which will allow us to keep the game fresh for years to come”. Promises now disregarded, leaving players a strong bitterness in the mouth for the turnaround of Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics.

Controversy aside, we remind you in the meantime the new details on the history of the expansion of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, coming for free on PS5 and PS4.