after 10 years, the free camera arrives

The most attentive fans had already noticed it by watching the first gameplay videos of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, but today we have finally obtained confirmation from Nintendo itself, which in recent days – strangely – had not yet expressed itself on the matter: in the re-edition for Switch of the classic for Wii it will be possible to move the camera freely.

As shown by the makers of the official Japanese Twitter profile of The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword HD players will be able to rotate and adjust the camera around the character at will – in the original it was not possible due to the mandatory pairing of the Wii Remote Plus. + Nunchuk. The implementation of this function, in any case, will vary according to the control system chosen: with the “Movement commands” mode, which involves the use of the two Joy-Con detached from the console, it will be sufficient to move the analog of the right controller; with the “Buttons” mode active, however, you will need to hold down the L key before moving the right stick. In case you missed it, we report that the new control modes have been detailed in the recent trailer dedicated to the improved features of Zelda Skyward Sword HD.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, remember, will be launched on Friday 16 July exclusively on Nintendo Switch. In addition to the free camera and an enhanced graphics compartment, it will also present a streamlining of the first hours of play, a revised save system and the ability to skip movies. While waiting for the launch, you can go and rediscover the myth of the floating archipelago of Oltrenuvola, a place of exceptional importance for the origins of the “Zeldian” myth.