all events on Monday 1st November

Finally back in attendance, the Lucca Comics & Games 2021 fair is giving the usual charge of emotions and energy to all fans of anime, comics, video games, manga, cinema and TV series gathered in the splendid setting of the Tuscan city.

The 55th edition of the festival will come to an end tomorrow, Monday 1st November. For the occasion, however, the Lucca Comics & Games schedule will continue to offer the usual wealth of events and special guests. Below, the main scheduled appointments:

  • The Netflix series Strappare Lungo i Bordi will be presented during the morning, through a rich appointment with Zerocalcare, Michele Foschini (BAO Publishing) and Giorgio Scorza (Moviment). The panel will be hosted by the stage of the Teatro del Giglio, starting at 10:00. On our pages you will find an interview with Zerocalcare on the subject of Strappare Lungo i Bordi in the meantime;
  • Black Ocean: the reinterpretation of Corto Maltese will be presented by Bastien Vives and Martin Quenehen at 11.30, at the location of San Giovanni;
  • Fumettibrutti will present RichardHTT and Quasirosso with their new graphic novels starting at 10.00, at San Giovanni;
  • The secret refuge: presented by Paola Barbato and Matteo Bussola at 4.00 pm, at the Banca del Monte Foundation;
  • Ryan Oattley, designer of Invincible, Rick Grimes 2000, Spider-Man and Hulk will be a guest from 2.30 pm in San Giovanni;
  • Maupal, street artists author of the Coast Guard calendar, will be engaged in a panel with Luca Ward, who lends his voice to the characters created by the artist (12.30, Auditorium del Suffragio);
  • The theme of the relationship between graphic novel and gender identity will be explored by Simona Binni, Assia Petricelli, Filippo Paris and Sergio Riccardi at 2.30 pm, at Sala Tobino;
  • Shade will present The rapper factory, a comic adventure designed by Roberto d’Agnano, at 12.30, at San Francesco;
  • Lacuna Coil: the gothic group will talk about its passion for pop culture at 3.30 pm, at San Francesco;
  • Second Season of Stalk: director Simon Bouisson and actors Théo Fernandez and Aloïse Sauvage will present the preview of the first two episodes (11.00, Cinema Astra). At the end of the screening, the cast of the series will meet the audience;
  • Eternals: the film will be screened at 15.00, at the Astra Cinema. On our pages you will already find the review of Eternals, by Gabriele Laurino;
  • Manga Unlimited: from 2.00 pm at the Teatro del Giglio, the panel promoted by J-Pop with guests Alessandro Falciatore, Beatrice Lorenzi, Dario Moccia, Domenico Guastafierro, Laura Di Molfetta and Maurizio Iorio, moderated by Roberto Recchioni.
  • ESL Italian Esports Open: scheduled at the Esport Cathedral in Piazza San Romano, with Lucca Showdown, Invitational of Clash Royale. Starting at 12.00 the first of three Clash Royale show matches will be held (a Bo1 where Prinx, DavideRooney, Mattiaa and Fizzo will compete). Following the Bo1 tournament with Kekkobomba, Jok3r, Ferre and Gigi. Finally, the final with a Bo3 between mixed teams of talent and Clash pro-players;
  • ARCANE – Creators of Worlds exhibition: last day for the exhibition, at the ex-Museum of Comics.
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift: a dedicated room and a live performance by Alice Pasquini, one of the most important Italian street-artists;
  • Twelfth edition of the Remo Chiosso Award (from 10:00, Hotel San Luca room) with the three finalists, ALIBI by Furio Visintin and Furio Reini, COMPLI-MENTI! by Edi Rinaldi and WAR WAR WAR !!! by Simone Pappadia ,;
  • Playable Culture – How Video Games Entered Our Daily Lives: 2.30 pm, Auditorium Fondazione Banca Del Monte;
  • Inntale Panel 2021/22: 5.00 pm, Auditorium del Suffragio;
  • From 4.00 pm, the traditional charity auction organized by Area Performance, in collaboration with Catawiki, will take place at the Chiesa dei Servi. The works of the artists guests at the festival will be beaten to support the action of Emergency or the National Health System. We point out that it will also be possible to participate online, thanks to the live streaming on the Twitch channel of;

Ready to end with a flourish with Lucca Comics & Games 2021?