all of Valve’s information on pre-orders, shipments and the booking queue

On the wings of the enthusiasm of PC gaming fans (but not only) for the official announcement of Steam Deck, Valve intervenes to clarify all the doubts of users on the methods and timing of booking of what the same house founded by Gabe Newell describes it as the most powerful handheld console in the world.

The official website of Steam Deck, opened to coincide with the reveal of the platform that aims to challenge Nintendo Switch on the terrain of hybrid consoles, provides all the explanations of the case starting from the confirmation that pre-orders will start tomorrow, July 16, from hours 19:00 Italian.

For those who want to take home Valve’s new technological gem, the US company has packaged a convenient Q&A with the answers to the most direct questions on Steam Deck booking methods.

In order to reduce the risk of the activities of scalpers and unauthorized resellers, Valve will apply a pre-order fee and grant the right to pre-order only one Deck device per account purchased before June 2021 – so they should be avoided. attempts to bypass the system through the multiple subscription of accounts for the sole purpose of booking the hybrid console.

The Steam Deck pre-order system will be managed through regional queues, with a number of consoles available that will also vary by region (United States, Canada, European Union and United Kingdom). Canceling the order within 30 days will guarantee a 100% refund. Those who will not be able to pre-order in the phase that will open tomorrow, July 16, will still have the opportunity to promptly receive all the information on the restock by inserting the console in their Wish List. For further information, here you will find an in-depth analysis with the Steam Deck hardware specifications.