all the details on bonuses and activities

In view of the launch of Pokemon Unite by phone, The Pokemon Company and TiMi Group outline the complete picture of the bonuses, activities and surprises provided for those who are preparing to re-wear the role of Trainers on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

The first Pokemon team fighting strategy game will officially land tomorrow, Wednesday 22 September, on the App Store and Google Play. The title, similarly to what is proposed to users of Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch, will be free-to-play with the possibility of in-game purchases through the appropriate Shop. Since its launch, the mobile version of Unite will support the Italian language, as well as French, German and Spanish.

To celebrate the release of the game on mobile devices and the passing of 5 million early registrations to the application, The Pokemon Company invites players to complete the Pokemon Unite launch event on iOS and Android which will be held until October 31st. . Achieving the goal will give access to a rich ingame bonus represented by 1,000 Heos coupons, Pikachu’s Unite license and Pikachu’s special Holowear Style Festival. In addition to these bonuses, another 1,000 Heos coupon will be added upon reaching the 7.5 registered users of the app.

Simultaneously with the arrival of Unite on mobile, a new Fight Pass called “Specter at Zero G” will also be available, which will see the introduction of space-themed tools. As usual, players will need to complete both daily and weekly missions to level up in the Battle Pass and earn ever-increasing rewards. Purchasing the Premium Pass grants access to additional rewards.

From Wednesday 22 September a new feature will be introduced on both Switch and mobile: the United Circles. Players will be able to create their own Merged Circle or search for one already opened by other users and connect to other Trainers with tags based on their affinities.