all the details on graphics, framerates and FSR from the developer event

During the awaited Steamworks virtual conference for developers, Valve has not “only” laid bare the Steam Deck hardware but has clarified some fundamental aspects of the graphic potential and playful features of the new platform that hybridizes portable consoles to mini -PC.

Starting from the analysis of the SoC and the APU on Zen 2 architecture and RDNA2 technology of AMD’s processors and GPUs, the designers of the Deck pointed out that “the real novelty of our processor is that it has been designed from the ground up to operate in a power range between 4 and 15 watts. A similar form factor would have been impossible to adopt with standard processors currently available on the market, especially as regards the high level of performance per watt delivered that we were able to achieve “.

The developer event also confirms the absence of a “software limiter” for the amount of energy consumed by the Steam Deck: those who want to take full advantage of the power of their hardware, consequently, will be able to do so without any constraint whatsoever, while taking into account of the fact that the increase in APU operating frequencies will have an impact on consumption and, therefore, on the battery.

In this regard, Valve advises developers to add a framerate limiter in their games: the Steam Deck designers also report that they are working on an option that will allow you to set an automatic blocking of the maximum framerate for each game installed on the console, so that users can find the optimal balance between performance and battery life.

The Steamworks keynote also revealed Valve’s commitment to introducing, via a Steam Deck firmware update, full support for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology at the operating system level, allowing users to upscale all FSRs. games that do not natively support this technology.

Of particular interest is then the opening parenthesis by Valve in describing the tests conducted on the Steam Deck hardware: according to its designers, in fact, the portable console recently postponed to February 2022 will guarantee a graphic experience comparable to that of a modern mini. -Medium-high-end PCs, such as the MinisForum Elite Mini Um700 currently on sale for around 600 euros.