all the details on the 3 free weapons of update 2.1

The day of the launch of the update to version 2.1 of Genshin Impact is getting closer and closer, which will not only introduce new characters and the remaining islands of Inazuma, but also a series of events complete with free weapons.

During the update, in fact, the players of the free to play miHoYo will be able to obtain three different 4-star weapons at no additional cost. While waiting for you to get your hands on these objects, the development team has decided to publish a post on the official social channels containing all the information on the weapons in question.

Here are the details on the upcoming free weapons of Genshin Impact:

  • Luxurious Sea-Lord (Claymore): This bizarre fish-shaped broadsword is related to the first fishing event, a new activity in version 2.1. This special weapon increases Elemental Burst damage by 12%, and when that attack hits the target, there is a 100% chance that a tuna will hit the enemy inflicting 100% of the ATK value in an area. This special effect activates once every 15 seconds
  • The Catch (Lancia): another weapon related to the fishing event of Update 2.1. The spear in question increases the damage of the Elemental Burst by 16% and the CRIT Rate of the same attack by 6%
  • Predator (Bow): This is Aloy’s bow, which increases the damage of normal and charged attacks by 10% whenever Cryo damage is dealt to itself. This effect can be activated and stacked up to two times. When Aloy wields the Marauder, she also gains a 66 bonus to her attack value

It should be noted that the arch of Aloy, the Predator, can be obtained exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and, unlike the 5-star hero, it will not arrive on PC and smartphone at a later time. Anyone who has activated cross-save will be able to unlock the bow on Sony consoles and use it on other platforms, but in this case all the extra effects of the weapon will be disabled.

Have you already taken a look at Aloy and Baal’s abilities in Genshin Impact?