all the details on the fights

During the exclusive preview of Elden Ring, From Software allowed us to take a look at their next, highly anticipated open world soulslike. On the gameplay front, there are so many food for thought offered to us by the 17-minute test, especially as regards the combat system.

In addition to the focus on the stealth map and bosses of Elden Ring, the scenes packaged in the Elden Ring closed-door test gave us the image of an extremely ambitious project, a blockbuster that promises to borrow the most representative playful elements of Dark Souls and Bloodborne to evolve and re-propose them in an even broader and more layered context.

The combat system, of course, is fully part of this discourse and constitutes a preponderant component: the clashes we have witnessed, in fact, seemed perceptibly faster than the Souls, but without repeating the lightning-fast exchanges of the attacks brought by the Wolf to the enemies. crossed in the dimension of Sekiro.

Complementary to the combat system there will then be the role system related to the management of the weight of the equipment: a complete armor will have an impact on the statistic of the strength and on the range of weapons that the player will be able to carry, but with weight limits that do not they will be applied to the mount.

Stamina will also return, but in a form that provides for its use as a statistical parameter in the definition of “fatigue” applied to defensive and offensive actions: running will not consume this resource, thus giving users the greatest freedom of movement during the phases. exploration of the Elden Ring map. The physicality of the fighting with the white weapon will then be emphasized by the possibility of breaking the stance of the enemies and deaf them for a few seconds, a technique that will prove to be particularly useful for getting close to them and inflicting hamstring damage by activating a special animation.

For any further consideration on the combat system and, in particular, on magical attacks and more advanced abilities, we invite you to read our in-depth study on the evocations of the Elden Ring without light.