all the details on the November event

In the splendid setting of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the Esports Summit 2021 will be held on 17 and 18 November, the first Italian event dedicated to the competitive gaming industry organized by Mkers and Social Media Soccer.

Created with the aim of involving institutions, publishers and other players in the entertainment and marketing industry to illustrate the enormous potential (commercial and not only) of competitive gaming and the eSports ecosystem, the mid-November event it will be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas between stakeholders and industry professionals.

The main theme of the 2021 edition of Esports Summit will therefore be that of the importance of competitive gaming and the knowledge of the infinite facets that characterize it both in Italy and globally. During the event, space will also be given to issues of social importance such as sustainability, education and inclusion, all factors that combine to provide those who are only now approaching this environment with useful tools to learn about the values ‚Äč‚Äčembraced by culture. videogame. The entire event will be held in a hybrid version, allowing the use of the contents both physically and in live streaming.

On November 17th, at the Mkers Gaming House, the Esports Summit Awards will be held, a ceremony that will reward the best teams and pro players of the European competitive gaming scene. The event, with the Easter eGG awards, will be held at the Gaming House stand set up in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Italia. The event on the evening of November 17 will be presented by Emilio Cozzi, one of the most popular Italian eSport disseminators, and will be broadcast live on the Twitch channel of for all those who cannot access the Venue.

The categories of prizes recognized by the Easter eGG will be:

  • Best European Esport Team, which will reward the best competitive results obtained in the last season, the effectiveness and reach of its communication, the activations carried out during the last year, the growth in numerical terms and the impact on the reference market
  • Best European FPS Player, Best European Moba Player, Best European Sport Player, which will celebrate the competitive results obtained during the year, the communication proposed on its channels, the growth and perception of its fanbase
  • Best Competitive Event, designed to enhance the best event in terms of participation with respect to the reference target, quality and organization and caliber of the partners involved
  • Best Activation: built to evaluate the impact of an activation on the export market, considering the number of products offered and the level of perception of the target audience

See you on November 17th and 18th, then, to attend the Esports Summit 2021 and the Esports Summit Awards on our Twitch channel!