already five games in development

On the occasion of the debut of the new adventure of Travis Touchdown, Suda 51 has confirmed that No More Heroes 3 will be the last chapter of the saga, a statement on which more details are now emerging.

On the occasion of a live broadcast organized just for the debut of No More Heroes III, the videogame author explained that the IP was granted to Grasshopper Manufacture for a period of use of only five years. With the latter now concluded, the saga will return to being the exclusive property of Marvelous: any decision on the future of No More Heroes will therefore no longer be the responsibility of the Suda 51 team.

Even without Travis Touchdown, the future of the software house seems to be definitely full of commitments. The Japanese author has in fact confirmed that the team is already working on five projects, three of which will propose new IPs. At this stage, Grasshopper Manufacture aims to focus on intellectual properties over which it can have full control, a circumstance that therefore excludes series such as Killer7, Killer is Dead or Lollipop Chainsaw from the calculation. In general, Suda 51 would like to focus on the Action genre, without however abandoning the Adventure component.

Waiting for more details on the future projects of the histrionic author, on our pages you will find the video review of No More Heroes III.