also Sabaku for the Italian souls-like

The events of the Tokyo Game Show 2021 are finally kicking off, with an ambitious project entirely made in Italy as a guest. In fact, from the videogame fair of the Rising Sun, there are intriguing news for Project Galileo.

The ambitious Souls-like AA +, totally set in Italy, returned to the public in an evocative teaser trailer. Available directly at the opening of this news, the film was able to count on an exceptional collaboration, with the famous voice actor Luca Ward in the role of narrator. The video offers a first taste of what will be the tones of Project Galileo, currently in development at the studios of Jyamma Games.

The independent software from Milan also unveiled its involvement in the Sabaku no Maiku project, with Michele Poggi hired in the role of Souls Veteran QA. The content creator, popularizer and videogame critic will therefore contribute to the development of Project Galileo, offering professional feedback on the gameplay of the Action RPG. The project also involves Aram Shahbazians, composer and sound designer whose works have found space in numerous games, films and commercials. Winner of the best music in Space Assault of the Prix Excellence 2020, the author collaborated in the development of Cyberpunk 2077, Redout and Song Of Horror.

Set in Italy, Project Galileo aims to reconstruct the atmosphere of our peninsula, but without binding to specific historical periods. Alongside the realistic references for building the game world, the mystery and fantastic charm typical of the Souls-like genre will find space. Great attention also on the gameplay front, with the construction of the combat system that had a reference point in the Flos Duellatorum, an Italian fencing manual of the fifteenth century, still used today in historical re-enactments.

At the moment, a launch window is still missing for Project Galileo, whose debut is expected on PC and consoles.