Amazon discounts physical versions for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

On Amazon it is possible to buy the physical version of Hotline Miami Collection both in the PlayStation 4 version and in the Nintendo Switch version at a discounted price. The Sony console version is dual game disc, the Nintendo Switch cartridge version, both versions include an exclusive 30-page illustrated book.

Hotline Miami Collection can be purchased on Amazon for only 24.97 euros for both consoles, with a discount of 10 euros from the list price of 34.99 euros, here are the links to buy it:

Hotline Miami is a brutal action game set in an alternative Miami from 1989, in which we will take on the role of a mysterious anti-hero in a murderous mission against the dark underworld following the voices recorded on the answering machine. Finding ourselves constantly outnumbered by ferocious enemies, we will fight our way up against deadly assassins in a frantic action with no waiting, in fact there are no loading times between one death and another.

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