Amazon discounts pre-orders of the new shooter

Battlefield 2042, the new shooter from DICE and Electronic Arts arriving on November 19, can be pre-ordered on Amazon for 62.99 euros for PS4 and Xbox One or 71.99 euros for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Below are links to all pre-order versions on Amazon:

What we know so far about the game, waiting for more details from the next E3, is that it will not have a single player campaign and the gameplay will focus on multiplayer up to 128 players, with battlefields that change before our eyes, thanks to storms. dynamics, environmental dangers and total combat freedom.

If you want to get more information about the title, we recommend you read our in-depth analysis by Francesco Fossetti, who analyzes in detail everything we know to date about the new upcoming chapter.

All items for sale and pre-order on Amazon are subject to continuous price changes, so if you are interested in receiving the game on day one, our advice is to pre-order the game immediately to enjoy the minimum price guaranteed by Amazon which, at at the time of shipment, it will apply the lowest price that this has had from the time of the order to that of shipment, thus guaranteeing savings if the game has suffered a decrease in price, even momentary. In case you change your mind, the cancellation of the pre-order is very simple and can be done independently.