Amouranth, Indiefoxx, and xQc are among Twitch’s most banned streamers

Twitch is known for its strictness and the frequent bans it reserves for its content creators. It is true, however, that some of them seek it by often and willingly pushing beyond the limits of the regulation, making decisions much easier for administrators. Here are some of the most famous multi-banned streamers ever.

We can not begin this brief rundown without mentioning Indiefoxx, which has collected six bans due to its sexually explicit contents. The twenty-six-year-old American had always managed to get by with suspensions of a few hours or at most a few days, but the last ban – dated June 29, 2021 – proved to be permanent. Indiefoxx hasn’t broadcast on Twitch for over two months.

Also noteworthy is xQc, which in his career as a content creator has already collected five bans. The first three he remedied for explicit content, the fourth for having broadcast the Olympics and the fifth due to the copyright infringement of the song DONDA, by Kanye West. Despite this, the 25-year-old Canadian is still active on Twitch. We end by mentioning the inevitable Amouranth, which like Indiefoxx has often ended up in the crosshairs of Twitch moderators for its sexually explicit ASMR content. He has collected four suspensions, the last of which was in June. Unlike her colleague, however, she has always been forgiven in a short time, and is currently active on Twitch.

The pardon granted to streamers like xQc and Amouranth has angered people like Dr. Disrespect, who has been permanently banned for no apparent reason – the doctor is still ready to go to war on Twitch.