Amouranth ready to ditch Twitch to indulge in adult content?

You have surely heard of the triple ban of Amouranth, which can no longer publish content on Twitch, Instagram and TikTok. In a recent post published on Twitter, the well-known streamer and influencer whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa said she was interested in leaving everything behind and trying the path of new platforms.

A few days after the ban, the girl has published a very special post on her personal Twitter profile, one of the few through which she can still communicate with her followers. According to Amouranth’s words, it would seem that the continuous bans from social networks are starting to create more than some discomfort, to the point of pushing her to think of new ways to distribute content. Specifically, the streamer hypothesizes the abandonment of Twitch and the beginning of an investment on gray market platforms, those on which content aimed at an adult audience is granted, although the big brands are not interested in supporting them through sponsorships.

It is not clear what he means by these words, but it is likely that in the future his Twitch channel will be completely shelved (assuming it is reopened after the ban, whose duration is unknown) in favor of something very different. Waiting to find out what he will do, we remind you that Amouranth earns 1.3 million dollars a month thanks to his OnlyFans profile.